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Default format for Quick Entry text

Hi all,

I see that there is a PrefersRichText setting that affects default format for imports. However, this does not seem to affect the default format for Quick Entry text, which defaults to Rich Text. I would love to default to plain text so that I do not have to change it with the dropdown each time. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!


There is no preference for Quick Entry because it always remembers the last used setting. So if you choose Plain text and click Save, the next time you do a Quick Entry it will start out with Plain text. If you click Cancel it does not remember changes to the format or other options.

I hadn’t realized that. Thank you!

It also remembers the tags, label, etc. from the Metadata tab. So you can quickly create a series of text or RTF with the same attributes. (If you want to start out fresh, you can click the Reset button.)