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Delete Spam Messages with Unloaded Images

I’m a new user of SpamSieve, and I use it with MAC’s Mail 6.2. There are two messages that SpamSieve placed in my Spam folder and in both cases Mail tells me that “This message contains unloaded images”. I have selected those messages and trained them as spam but they are still there. So I have two questions:

  1. Is SpamSieve supposed to delete the messages that I’ve explicitly said are spam, and
  2. If so, why don’t the two messages get deleted?

SpamSieve’s job is to put the spam messages in the Spam mailbox. It is your job to delete them.

If the messages are in the Spam mailbox, SpamSieve already thinks they’re spam, so you should not be training them as spam.

Thanks, so would it be okay to add a second rule that deletes the messages after a certain number of days?

It’s not possible to do that with a rule. But see Automatically Deleting Old Spam Messages.

Yes I found that out:) I’ll look at the article but I assumed that one of the advantages of spamsieve was that I wouldn’t have to look at spam once it learned which messages were spam and which where not.

SpamSieve works best when you correct all the mistakes, so I still recommend that you skim over the spam messages now and then just to make sure no good messages slipped in. That said, you can set up Mail to automatically delete the spam messages after a certain number of days, or even to put them directly into the trash.