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Delete/Trash Mail Messages

I’m brand new to EF (using the demo). I imported a mailbox from Apple Mail into my EF library. I would like to delete some of those messages, but EF doesn’t let me do it. The Delete button is greyed out when I select a message, and I can’t drag messages to the Trash, either. Am I missing something?

Messages in EagleFiler are normally stored in mailbox files. You can delete an entire mailbox or merge it with other mailboxes, but you cannot (currently) delete individual messages. I recommend that you delete the messages that you don’t want in Mail, before importing them into EagleFiler.

Another option would be to import the messages into EagleFiler as individual text files, e.g. by selecting the text of the message in Mail and pressing Command-% (or dragging and dropping) to import the text into EagleFiler. Then you would be able to delete them individually.

With EagleFiler 1.2 you can now delete individual e-mail messages.

Thanks a lot. Are they actually deleted (i.e. do you modify the mbox) or just hidden from sight?

They’re hidden. If there’s interest, I might add a command to compact a mailbox to remove the deleted messages, but it sounded like deletion in the sense of “removing from view” was the primary thing most people wanted.