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deleting known spammers individually

I use the latest version of SpamSieve with my mail client, PowerMail 6.1.5 (the latest version), on my MacBook Pro Retina running OS 10.8.4. I carefully check the spam folder before deleting because I don’t want to miss any false positives. However, there are a few ads from the same senders that I would like to have automatically deleted so that I never see them (even in the spam folder). Is there some way I can specify these repeat-senders and have anything from those addresses automatically deleted or at least directed to the trash instead of the spam folder? Thanks for your help.

If you have a reliable way of identifying these messages, you could create a PowerMail filter to handle them. Just make sure that you put your filter above the SpamSieve filters and that “Don’t apply subsequent filters to this message” is checked.