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deleting mail record

I have imported a small folder of messages from mail.
I am attempting to delete a specific message. Right clicking to get the contextual menu on the record (message) has the move to trash greyed out. I have not found any other to work. I saw that they were displayed with read access, but expected them to be capable of being deleted. Are they?

It is not possible to delete individual messages. The idea is that you’ve already decided which messages you want to keep before importing into EagleFiler. Thereafter, EagleFiler is a reliable archive of that mail. By keeping the mailboxes intact, EagleFiler is able to verify that your data hasn’t become damaged since importing, and it’s able to optimize the storage and display of the messages and their associated metadata. If there’s enough interest, I might add a feature where you could mark messages you don’t want to see as hidden, but I’m not currently planning to offer a way to delete them out of their containing mailbox files.

Thanks for the response. Its too early in my learning curve to state wishes. I need to understand all the goodies you’ve already included and the philosophy behind their use.

I’m still a little unclear on how to deal with mailboxes. We import them, and then they are copied over, non-editable. Two things arise:

Can we then remove that mail from Mail.app?

Will EagleFiler automatically update its archive as new mail is archived? If so, how? If not, how do we add new archiveable mail to the existing EagleFiler archive?


It doesn’t automatically update anything. If you archive more mailboxes later, they will appear as new mailboxes in EagleFiler. You can leave them like that (so that you have, e.g. different dated mailboxes) or use the Merge Mailboxes command.

EagleFiler 1.2 lets you delete individual e-mail messages.