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Deleting messages in Entourage

I’ve just downloaded a trial version of SpamSieve to try. My current spam detection is horrible and it seems that SpamSieve is working pretty good the first couple of days in.

I set up an IMAP email for my blackberry and using my MacPro/entourage to filter out the mails. However, I’m running into 2 issues.

  1. When I select a mail and do a “train as spam” under the applescript menu, it marks the mail with a MAIL icon under the PRIORITY column. It doesn’t move or delete the message (I tried moving the message to JUNK and also DELETE MESSAGE)

  2. Even if I manually delete a message, it just crosses out the email and doesn’t delete until I hit PURGE.

All I want to do is have spamsieve/entourage permanently delete the message from the server (or move it to a folder on the mac) so that it doesn’t show up on the blackberry or jam up the email server over time.

Any help is appreciated


The red “mail” icon is Entourage 2008’s icon for junk mail. Due to a limitation of Entourage, the “SpamSieve - Train Spam” command cannot move IMAP messages; I suggest that you drag them to your Junk E-mail folder. So this all sounds normal to me.

This also sounds normal. Entourage has various account settings to control what it does when you delete a message. For example, you can set it to purge automatically.

Assuming that you followed Step 5, the spam messages should be going to a folder on your Mac.

If that is the case, then what is the advantage of having spamsieve filter out spam to cell phones like the iphone or blackberry? If the spam messages remain in the folder and have to be moved or deleted manually, then the spam will also be displayed on the cell phone until I manually go to the computer and delete them - which is not feasible if I am traveling.

Is there a solution to prevent spam from being displayed on the phone? I realize with instant push-notification, spam may be displayed until a filter goes through it.

Thanks (and merry xmas)

Yes, this works today if you follow Step 5. The limitation that I described only applies to messages that you manually train, not incoming messages that SpamSieve filters automatically.