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Deleting spams

Is there any way I can set SpamSieve so that when I delete spams they are actually deleted, rather than moved to Trash?

Which mail program are you using?

Apple Mail 4.3 on a MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard.

I don’t think Apple Mail allows deletion except by moving the message to the trash and then emptying the trash. You can, however, set it to empty the trash automatically.

Apple Mail allows you to delete messages in its Junk Mail box without sending them first to Trash. I like to keep my Trash for a month or two, just in case I need to refer back to items, so I won’t be deleting it automatically.

BTW, Michael, I am most impressed by the quality of your posts here on the forum: promptness, courtesy, clarity and helpfulness - a model for everyone on every forum on the web! I’m downloading a copy of SpamSieve at work later today and fully expect to buy it early next week.

I thought you were asking about having SpamSieve delete the messages. If you want SpamSieve to move them to the Junk mailbox so that you can delete them manually, please see this page.

Thank you Michael. That’s cute. Now why didn’t I think of that?!

I too have been looking for a way to get Mail to automatically delete spam (after a grace period so that I can check them). I followed the instructions in the link Michael provided above, and it does seem to be working nicely. I’m 95% happy with it…

One thing that I don’t like is that some of the (not spam) messages in my inbox now show up with a banner at the top that says “Mail thinks this message is junk mail” and then gives buttons that say “load images” and “not junk”.

I’m not quite sure why these appear. Shouldn’t Mail be letting everything through and anything that SpamSieve catches should be in the Junk box. I would like to avoid these banners if possible.

(Note that, despite the above, the overall accuracy of my current set up is very high: I’m seeing very few false positives or negatives.)

The only way to hide the banners is to disable Mail’s junk filter. SpamSieve tells Mail which messages it thinks are spam. This prevents Mail from displaying remote images for suspected spam messages.