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Developers plans post DevMate

Microsoft last year said that “HockeyApp will complete its transition fully to App Center in one year on November 16, 2019” (cf. Michael’s blog post.)

However, App Center still does not support DMG’s. According to their product road map, they haven’t even started on the task …

Meanwhile, DevMate supports DMG’s ; but it will be shut down by its suitor, Paddle, mid-Dec.

I’m sure my company (CogSci Apps corp.) isn’t the only one that was hoping to be able to switch over to App Center. We package our Hook productivity Mac app in a lovely DMG thanks to DropDMG. (Paddle is our checkout service and Hook’s update license scheme is time-based.)

I was wondering whether developers in this forum have thoughts to share on the situation, given that we’re all creating DMGs. I’d hate to have to package Hook in a zip file…

Good news!