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diacritics in file names and search


I’ve just discovered something very strange. When I search for “imp” as file name, I see somes files like “2010.05.16-Aadm-Impôt 2009-Détail de votre impôt” and “2009.09.10-Aadm-Impôt 2009-Taxe d’habitation 2009”. However, when I add the ‘ô’ to the search, thus searching for “impô”, some files are not shown (for instance the “2010.05.16-Aadm-Impôt 2009-Détail de votre impôt” one).

Why is this file not a result of the search?

Filename, Title, and From searches use an “exact” search engine that’s not savvy about diacritics. It will only find matches that use the same decomposition as what you typed. This will be addressed in a future version of EagleFiler.

Indexed searches such as Anywhere are diacritic insensitive.

Great, glad to know it will be fixed.



As I’ve been bitten by this again, I was wondering if a fix was still planned.



Yes, it is.

EagleFiler 1.5.8 adds diacritic-insensitive searching.