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Dialog to choose PDF viewer will not get focus

When I use F1 to capture a PDF URL from a browser, EagleFiler puts up an open dialog to let me choose a PDF viewer. But this dialog does not have focus, nor can I get it to have focus, so I cannot choose an application. (I can move the window, but none of the control work.) Any suggestions?

I haven’t seen that problem before. Could you send me the URL that you’re trying to capture?

It happens with all PDF URLs, for example


Maybe because I have installed Schubert|It as my default PDF viewer?

It’s working correctly for me with both Schubert|It and Safari’s built-in PDF viewer. EagleFiler does not have any dialogs that ask you to pick a PDF viewer, so without more information from you I have no idea what’s happening. You can, of course, also import PDFs by dragging the URL into EagleFiler.

Hmm. Something different in my configuration, but I don’t know what it might be. In Firefox/Schubert|It, I get the “choose a PDF viewer dialog”. I am pretty sure it is from EagleFiler because if I close all other applications, I still get the dialog, but if I cancel the (hung) capture process in the EF’s activity monitor, the dialog goes away. In Safari, pressing F1 gets the “Nothing to capture” alert from EF. 'Tis a puzzlement. (FYI, I just upgraded to EF 1.2.5 with no change in this behavior.)

It works for me in Firefox with version 2.2.3 of Schubert|It. Please post a screenshot of the dialog so that I know what you’re referring to.

Here is a screen shot of the dialog and the activity monitor, which hangs at this point each time.

Thanks. It looks like this dialog is being presented by Schubert|It when efwebtool (an EagleFiler helper process) is downloading a PDF. I didn’t see this before because Schubert|It is a PowerPC-only plug-in, and thus it only loads within efwebtool on my Intel-based Mac when I delete the Intel code from efwebtool (thus forcing it to run in PowerPC mode—I’m not sure why it didn’t show up when I ran it on my PowerBook G4, though).

The short-term solution is for you to uninstall Schubert|It. Going forward, I’ll try to address this within EagleFiler, e.g. by not loading browser plug-ins when fetching from the Web.

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.2.6.