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DIfferent behavior when importing email

I have been importing from Mail and also from mboxes exported from Entourage. This is part of migrating from Entourage to Mail.

When importing from Mail things seem fine. There is mbox in Records for each mbox from Mail. When clicking on one of these I see the message list with title’s etc.

However, when importing the mbox exported from Entourage there is an mbox in EF. However, that mbox appears in Unfiled, but not in records. Also, I can’t see inside the mbox. I can double-click it and it will open Entourage and try to import them back in.

Any help on why there is a difference and how to make the Entourage export imported into EF look like the mboxes from Mail?



My guess is that EagleFiler imported the file but didn’t think that it was an mbox file.

Does it appear in the records list (to the right of the source list) when you click on Records?

What does EagleFiler show as the Kind?

If you e-mail me the file I can take a look and see why it isn’t importing as you expect.


Thanks for the reply. It does not show in the records list, only in the unfiled list. EF says that it is a Microsoft Entourage mailbox. I would mail it but it is 328M :slight_smile:


Very strange—I have no idea why that would be. Please try it again in a new library and send me some screenshots so that I can see exactly what you mean.

Then EagleFiler did not recognize it as an mbox.

Perhaps you could export a smaller number of messages from Entourage and see if you get the same problem.


I tried a small test and it worked fine. It imported a file that looked the same as the one in questions, i.e. entourage mbox. I re-imported the large file back into entourage, exported and imported into EF again. This time it worked fine. My thoughts are that the first time I used the drop-box and not the import command - this is on Leopard. In addition, it is possible that there was an interrupt in the import process. These could have caused the problem.

It is interesting that all the email was imported, no losses, but the process of indexing and turning into an internal EF file did not complete. Not clear what to make of this, but the move back to entourage and reimport was the way to go.

Thanks for a great product!