Disable autoplay of webarchive videos in Eaglefiler

I would like to stop webarchive videos from autoplaying in Eaglefiler as I click through, looking for things. I have disabled autoplay in Firefox in about:config, and I am hoping there is a script or some method to stop the autoplay in Eaglefiler also. I want to see the video image, but not have it start playing till I click on play. I realize I could just save just the URL to the video, but I like to have the image to remind myself what it’s about, and then have the option to play it right in Eaglefier.

I will make a note to add a setting for this. In the meantime, it may be possible by disabling JavaScript, which you can do by clicking this link.

Thank you. That worked for me, in that it did stop the video from automatically playing, but it also disabled all the links and buttons, so I can’t play the video inside EagleFiler. My only choice now is to double click the image itself (the only thing that is still linked) which opens the video Safari, which isn’t the worst thing. But, if by adding a setting, I could play the video right in EagleFiler, that would be wonderful.