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Disable Drone Training; Back to Normal

Hi all,

I have 2 Macs (iMac & MacBook Pro), an iPad and an iPhone, and multiple email accounts, with SpamSieve running on my iMac. I use all of my devices to read my email, and occasionally have the need to mark an item as Spam. I configured the Apple Mail Drone settings a few months ago, and trained lots of emails as Spam or Good using Remote Training. Now I’d like to disable that feature, but if possible continue to be able to Train missed Spam email as spam on all of my devices. Moreover, I’d also like to continue to have Spam emails sent to their individual account Spam folder. Can this be done, and if so, how? Do I simply turn uncheck “Remote Training”, and leave the individual SpamSieve account rules in place, assuming that though all email is supposedly moved to the Spam folders, but in reality only mail that is actually Spam is moved?


Tall Trees

I’m afraid I don’t really understand your question. The purpose of remote training is to let you train from any device. So turning it off but still training from multiple devices doesn’t make sense to me.

Whether or not you are using remote training, the filtering (moving spam messages to the Spam mailbox) is still handled by the SpamSieve rule in Mail.

Got it. I was hoping that I’d be able to continue to move Spam emails that slipped through the filtering, to the Spam or TrainSpam folder, on all of my devices, and not just the one running SpamSieve. As it currently stands, ALL email is being moved to the various Spam folders, including email that has been trained as good.

For the several years that I’ve been running SpamSieve, I’ve only had the 1 “SpamSieve” rule. Now I have several; one for each account. Will each of these continue to work in the same fashion as the single rule, moving only legitimate Spam to the Spam folder?

Ok, I’ll rephrase. As it currently stands, all of my emails are being moved to Spam, even those that I’ve previously Trained As Good multiple times, as opposed to just the emails that are truly spam. How can I rectify this?

I think I’m still missing something here. You seem to be asking whether you can still do remote training without the remote training rule. But why do you want to get rid of the rule?


That sounds like a completely different issue, unrelated to remote training. Please see this page or send in a diagnostic report if you can’t figure it out.

Logs have been emailed.

The problem seems to be that your account-specific rules are named with “Spam” instead of “SpamSieve”. Thus, Mail is moving all the messages to Spam without sending them to SpamSieve for analysis.

Damn! Stupid syntax error. I’ve adjusted the rule names.

Thanks Michael, I appreciate your help!