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Disable identical-file check for WebArchive?

It seems that WebArchives might contain identical files - for example, common Javascript libraries or image assets. At the moment, EF will delete or ignore duplicates, which will result in missing images or a non-functional page. Would I be right in this assumption? If so, perhaps WebArchive asset folders might allow duplicates?

Web archives combine everything into a single file, and they also store the HTTP response data, so in practice they should never be identical even if you download the same page twice in quick succession.

Some formats like RTFD do store individual files like images as distinct files inside of a package folder. These will also not cause spurious duplicates because EagleFiler treats the whole package as a unit. It’s only considered a duplicate if the document and all the attached files are identical.

OK - thanks. I have seen sporadic duplication errors for JS and HTML fragments, so I’ll see if I can track the problem down - there may be some other cause. (I suppose an obvious one would be old output from “save as” from a browser - HTML + asset folder - dragged into EagleFiler at a subsequent date.)

Yes, if you import a regular folder full of files, EagleFiler will treat them as distinct records and duplicate detection will apply. You could either allow duplicates temporarily or import the folder by directly moving it into the Files folder.