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Disable "search as you type"


Is it possible to disable “search as you type” (and only start searching when hitting enter)? I have a huge library, and when I search every record, I can get a 20s beachball. It would not be so bad if I had time to type in my full query (or did not misspelled it), otherwise it’s a bit painful to wait before being able to continue to type or to correct the query.

There isn’t currently an option to do that, however a workaround if you’re a slow typer would be to type your query somewhere else and then paste it into the search field.

By the way, 20 seconds for a search sounds very long, perhaps indicating a problem. How many records are in your library? What kind of Mac do you have?

For the 20 seconds: I was doing (disk intensive) things at the time. In usual use the delay is around one or two seconds.

The library is big: more than 40 000 records. I have the most recent MacBook Pro (the 2.8 GHz one).

Would it be possible to add this feature as an (esoteric) preference?

That sounds about right.

I’ll look into it.

EagleFiler 1.4.4 adds an esoteric preference for this.