Disabled rule gets reenabled bug

When I filter the allow list and disable a rule then create a rule in the Block List, the disabled rule becomes enabled again. This affects v3. I’m on Sonoma.

To duplicate:

  1. In Spam Sieve, open the Allow List and Block List windows.
  2. In the Allow List, enter a string into the filter box and filter the view. Make sure that at least one matching row is enabled. I’m looking for the domain closeprompt.shop which are incorrectly allow listed so am filtering by that.
  3. In the filtered results, deselect one of the rows in the filtered results.
  4. In the Block List, click + to create a new rule, enter musinue.com into the text box and set the match type to Ends With.
  5. Click OK on the new rule to save it.
  6. The rule you disabled in the Allow List becomes selected again.

Here’s a screen recording. Note that there’s a UI bug in the rule editor that I assume is related to Dark Mode. I submitted this in another ticket.

Thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce this, but only inconsistently and only on Sonoma. When this occurs, do you see anything added to the Log window aside from Added Rule?

If you just uncheck Enabled and don’t make a new rule, does it add Changed Rules to the log?

This is fixed in SpamSieve 3.0.1b1.