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Disabling gmail SPAM filter


I’m using Mail to access my Gmail IMAP on Mac and if I follow SpamSieve’s instruction to disable SPAM filter, every time I send an email, one would appear in my Inbox.

Any work around?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think that will happen if you follow the latest instructions here because they make a filter that specifically excludes sent messages.

That’s strange cause that’s exactly how I’ve set up the filter.


Updates: apparently by adding “is:spam” to “Includes the words” field, additional to the “label:sent” line, it does stop re sending to Inbox.
Thanks for the pointer Michael!

I was having the same problem with redundant sends to self, but this sorted it. Thank you Joe and Michael. But shouldn’t section 7.6.3 in the manual be updated?

I think this detail was added to the manual in September with SpamSieve 2.9.25.