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Discrepancy between # Column in record list(s)

Good day. I’ve attached 2 screen grabs in hopes of providing clarity to my question.

I have 1 mbox titled “Archive” that “#” indicates contain 1,416 messages. This is illustrated in the 2nd attachment.

However, when I select this “Archive” mbox, it’s contents show only 500 records? This is illustrated in the 1st attachment.

Why the discrepancy? Is there data missing or become corrupt?

I’m using the following:
OSX 10.11
EagleFiler 1.6.6
Email was captured over several years using various Apple Mail versions.

Thanks in advance.

EagleFiler 2.png

EagleFiler 1.png

I maybe onto something here. I’m thinking the original size of the mbox contained 1,416 records. However, I have removed a few hundred by dragging them into the trash. Now I’m left with 500 records.

I guess my new question would be…If I exported this mbox and imported it, into Apple Mail, would it contain 500 records or the ORIGINAL 1,416?

This has been solved. Thanks in advance!

The # for the mailbox file shows the number of messages in that file, which doesn’t change because EagleFiler mailbox files are immutable. If you delete messages from a mailbox, EagleFiler marks them as deleted and doesn’t show them in the normal view. If you enable Show Deleted Messages, I think you would then see the original 1,416 records.

If you select and export the mbox, EagleFiler will copy it as-is, so you would get all the messages. If you Select All the messages and then Export, it will build a new mailbox file with just those messages.