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disk image size issue

i dropped a folder with several folders in it, converted it to a disk image to burn, and its size says it needs 6.7 GB. This seems insanely large, considering Ive burned 5 folders just like this all on one DVD. what am i doing wrong?
thank you for any help!

When you Get Info on the mounted disk image volume in the Finder, what does it say for the Capacity and Used?

6.7 GB will fit on a single dual-layer DVD.

Do you want the DVD to contain the folders directly? Or do you want it to contain a compressed disk image file? The latter will take less space.

Lastly, depending on what you’re trying to do, you may be able to save a step by using the Burn… command and telling DropDMG to burn the folder; it’s not necessary to make a disk image first.

once mounted, Capacity- 6.71GB
Available- 211MB

Ive burned several before, never having to use any other kind of discs, than my normal DVD burning discs.

I wanted it to contain just the folders.
Also, my icon didnt show up when it mounted.

thanks for the help. :wink:

I guess you must have been burning smaller folders before. There’s no way you’d get 6.5 GB onto a regular DVD.

In order for the icon to show up on the mounted disk image (and DVD) you’ll need to use the Custom volume icon option when creating the disk image.

yes, i did select that option. however, do i need to convert the folder first into a disk image? that is why i did it.
And the folders I had previously burned maxed out the dvd at about 4.7GB.

Are you using Automatic or Manual for Custom volume icon?

Yes, you need to create a disk image if you want to set the volume icon for the burned DVD.

in preferences/configurations, i have a check in the custom icon box.

Do you have a “.VolumeIcon.icns” file at the top level of the folder that you’re dragging onto DropDMG?

i do not. a window came up and asked me to choose the icon file, which i did, but it is/was located some place else. Do i need to place the icon in the same folder i am burning/imaging?

If you already have a .icns file, place it in the same folder that you’re imaging and name it “.VolumeIcon.icns”.

If your icon is in another format (e.g. JPEG or PNG), click the Set Icon button, choose your icon file, and then choose the folder that you’re imaging.

i did the latter.