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Still in Trial mode. Transition from DevonThink Pro to EagleFiler.

Importing works fine, only naming of pdf’s was an issue, but the script ‘File to Title’ apperared to be the answer.

Another issue is displaying things in the Record Viewer (the lower pane of the EF window). RTF-texts and Web Archives are displayed in full width but Images and pdf’s as thumbnails, when selected. How to display these also in full width?

Third issue, Smart Folder location. General searches like ‘Recently added’ are located appropriate under ‘Search for’, but specific searches, relevant only in a specific Folder must also be located there. It’s becoming a mess when you have a lot of them. In my opinion these should be located within the Folder where the search is meant for. Why is it not possible to locate Smart Folders within Records>Folders??

Thanks for your reply!


Do you have an example of an image file that is displayed too small? It may be that the image has a high DPI, and macOS is trying to show it at actual size. The DisplayImagesWithQuickLook and RespectImageDPI esoteric preferences may be helpful here.

To get full width for a PDF, you can either zoom in (from the View menu) or Control-click in the viewer and set it to Continuous mode.

That’s a feature I’m considering for a future version. For now, you may want to organize your smart folders by creating (regular) folders under “Search For.”

Thank you Michael for your reply.

What I mean with small images is that they fit vertical in the pane. I will examine your scripts to find a way I like.

Full width for pdf’s can be obtained with Zoom in and Continuous mode, but Zoom in has no default effect for new pdf’d, whereas Continuous mode has. That’s the answer for my question.

Smart folder location. I would appreciate that feature very much!

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It seems good to me that the image would be displayed such that it fits vertically. If you disagree, could you post (or e-mail) a screenshot so that I can see what you are referring to?

The zoom will be remembered from PDF to PDF, but for PDFs of different sizes a different zoom level may be desired. Whereas Continuous will do the same thing for all PDFs.

In this example an image (a scan of an invoice) is displayed as fitted vertically, but I suggested a horizontal fit like Webarchives, rtf-text and pdf’s (after Continuous mode) do.

Am I clear with this example?


Yes, that is clear. Thanks. Right now it is not possible to show less than the entire image except by double-clicking to open it in Preview. I do agree that a zoom-to-horizontal-fit option would make sense.