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DMG not maintaining a folders View Options

I’m using the command line version as part of our automated build system. We recently added a background image and view options for the root folder. When building the dmg file it does not maintain the background image setting. Is there a fix for this ? I did read your docs and there are manual instructions for doing this but that won’t work for our environment.
Thank you

Sorry, there is no fix for this. The underlying issue is that the Finder doesn’t save this information in a way that will allow DropDMG to copy it along with the files.

How about adding a config file that I could pass to dropdmg?

I’m investigating ways to allow you to specify how the mounted image should look.

Need Background Image to save with folder ‘View Options’
Michael, please try and find a way to save the View Options background. There used to be a ‘Bless Folder’ appleScript I cold get to do this, but somewhere between Tiger and Panther it stopepd working. It’s a nice fature of .DMGs.

DropDMG 3.0 makes it much easier to set the background picture and view options.