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DMG question

I have been looking on all the Mac forums to try to solve a dmg problem I have on an iMac at home. It is not Michael’s program so please forgive me for asking it here but Michael and the readers here are smart and I am getting desperate to try to find a solution.

I am using 10.6.7 and all of a sudden I am getting “device not configured” errors when trying to load a dmg image. I tried all the repair permissions, deleting caches with applejack, and other methods listed in other help forums but no luck. Since Michael has a dmg program, I was wondering if he or the readers had any clues or tips to help.

My next step is to reinstall the OS from scratch but would like to avoid this time consuming process if I can. AFAIK everything else is working probably on the iMac. I am guess some file got corrupted somehow but don’t know which one and how to go about and trouble shoot.

TIA and I won’t be offended if you delete this post. I understand.