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Do I always have to open an email to train it as Spam

Spamsieve is incredible and works lik a charm reducing the spam i have to face.

My only gripe is that as far as I know I have to open an email in Mail on MacOS Big Sur to be able to activate the Train as spam menu options. I rather not have to open an email first to designate it as spam. It is very often more than obvious from the title.

Isn’t there an easier way to train an email as spam without having to open the email? For instance via a right mouseclick on the email in the inbox?

If your concern is about Web bugs, you may want to turn off the Load remote content in messages option in Mail. That way you would be protected even if you accidentally view a spam message.

If you set up remote training, you can train messages by moving them to a special mailbox, which can be done via drag and drop or the contextual menu without opening the message.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your swift reply.

Yes, web bugs in Spam is a concern. Thanks for the tip regarding turning off remote content.

Not sure whether it is a legitimate concern but there are reports of image formats containing vulnerabilities. So it would be nice to have the train spam commands under the right mouse click. That shouldn’t be a difficult function to add right?

Is there a page on your site where we can do a feature request?

Thanks again for your response.

I think Mail renders the message content out of process (like Safari does) so this shouldn’t be any more of a concern than when browsing the Web.

This has been a common feature request, but it’s actually very difficult to implement properly (so that the training applies to the message that you clicked on rather than to the one that’s selected).

Please submit them via e-mail.

Thanks for your reply Michael.

I’ll send in the feature request via email.