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Do I have to reset the corpus every month?

I’ve been using spamsieve for the last nine months and it is still not effectively sorting good mail from spam mail.

This week, for example, I received 930 emails. 894 were spam and 36 were good. Spamsieve marked 19 messages as spam and the rest I had to train manually. This is a typical week.

About three months ago, I reset my corpus to try to start fresh. My statistics show my current corpus has 3,703 spam messages (94%) and 230 good messages.

My preferences are also set to aggresively catch spam.

Resetting the corpus and having to start over every month isn’t practical.

Can spamsieve handle this amount of spam emails or am I doing something wrong? I appreciate any help you can give. I just don’t want to spend an hour each night manually deleting (training) spam messages.

It’s not necessary to reset SpamSieve’s corpus every month. Based on the numbers you report, it definitely sounds like something isn’t setup properly. Please send some information to spamsieve@c-command.com so that I can help you get it working properly.


Thanks for your response. I emailed you the information you requested and look forward to getting spamsieve working at its full potential. Thanks for your help.

It turns out that the problem was a rule in Entourage’s Mailing List Manager that was preventing Entourage from applying SpamSieve to the incoming messages.

I can now join the multitudes in saying what a great program spamsiever is. I have had great sucess with it since we fixed the small kink in my setup. (And the customer service is incredible).

Thanks Michael for helping me trouble-shoot the problem.