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Does EagleFiler index non-Skim PDF annotations?


I’m looking to be able to search my PDF annotations, but I found that mac Spotlight does not index inside normal PDF documents in order to find the ‘annotations’. After a lot of research I found out about EagleFiler, which looks like the perfect solution for me. I realize that EagleFiler has support for Skim indexing, but I haven’t been able to establish if EagleFiler is able to index normal (i.e., non-Skim) PDF annotations made in Preview?

The reason for this is that I use iAnnotate on iPad and Preview on my desktop, all synced through dropbox. Trying to convert all my PDFs to Skim format would be time consuming.

I wanted to make sure this is possible before purchasing the program.

Yes, EagleFiler indexes regular PDF annotations that you can create and view in Preview, but which Spotlight does not index.

Please feel free to download the free 30-day trial to check it out on your Mac.