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Does SpamSieve cause Catalina Mail to crash?

After upgrading to Catalina, macOS 10/15, when I launch Mail, Mail shows a window stating that it is updating my library, then crashes immediately. The Apple rep. believes that SpamSieve must be the cause of the crash. I am not certain. In any case, I have done everything that I can to uninstall, disable, and delete SpamSieve, but Mail still crashes soon after launch.

Is there any possibility that SpamSieve is causing these crashes? Does anyone have any other ideas about the cause?

Thank you.

We’ve not heard any other reports of that happening. It seems unlikely because if you haven’t successfully launched Mail yet on Catalina, the SpamSieve plug-in is probably not even enabled, so Mail hasn’t loaded any SpamSieve code. You can temporarily uninstall the SpamSieve plug-in just to be sure. If you can send in your Mail crash logs I can look into what might be causing the crashes.

Thanks for your response, Michael. The cause of the problem seemed to be bad envelope files in ~/Library/Mail/V7/MailData. Nothing to do with SpamSieve.

Thanks for sending the crash log. It does look like Mail hadn’t loaded SpamSieve yet, and it crashed due to a bug:

Terminating app due to exception while holding database lock ‘NSInternalInconsistencyException’, reason: ‘Updater dealloc’d without being invalidated.’

while updating the Envelope Index from V6 to V7. Deleting the Envelope Index will simply make it start the migration process again, and it looks like this time you got lucky and it didn’t hit the bug.