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Does SS handle spam differently that Apple Mail?

I confess: I had strayed from the way and stopped using SS after I got a different computer. I was using Apple Mail junk mail filtering, but I was also trying to intervene on the server side by creating rules and blacklisting as many messages in Horde from my mail provider/site host. The latter portion of my strategy was to try and catch the spam before it showed up on my iPhone. This approach was a total disaster.

So I installed SS yesterday and the skies have suddenly opened! I expected that it would be more effective filtering mail on my computer, but I don’t understand why that is now reflected in my webmail, too. I’m monitoring mail on my server in Horde, and it seems to be catching everything now (all spam messages are listed as such and deleted). I used to have to go through on the web portal and blacklist everything that wasn’t being identified.

There is obviously something that I don’t understand about how SS works. Definitely no complaining, though!

Thanks - JAY

If you have an IMAP or Exchange account, any changes made in Apple Mail (such as SpamSieve moving a message from the inbox to the Spam mailbox) will automatically be synced to the server and other devices.

So it’s just that SS is that much more effective at identifying spam?


Wow. Man, I wish there was a way to run it on the server so I could keep my phone clean during the times when it’s not possible to have the mail app open and active on my Mac.