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Doesn't Learn AOL Spam

I have a legacy account on AOL that I access from Apple Mail (as well as several other email accounts also through Apple Mail). Spam Sieve works great on everything (including learning about what is Spam when I train it) except for the AOL account. No matter what i do to train it it keeps letting in all the AOL account spam. I have almost no spam getting through otherwise. Any ideas as to what I need to do?


It sounds like something isn’t set up properly. Please see this page.

Sorry - Misstated the issue
I realize I said that it doesn’t work for the AOL account spam. The reality is that it catches much of the AOL spam but that it still lets through a lot also. And multiple versions of the same spam after I’ve trained it on that particular spam. It does seem to come and go … often several days go by with no AOL spam and then a whole lot.

My recommendation remains the same. Please see that page so that you can adjust your setup and/or send in a report with more information so that I can help you.