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Doesn't Seem to be Working

I set up SpamSieve a couple of weeks ago in Mac Mail (for Mojave 10.14.6). I have spent a considerable amount of time “training” every day. I am assigning the “good” or “bad” moniker to hundreds of emails per day. Unfortunately, the same messages are showing up in my junk mail folder every day and it doesn’t matter what they have been “trained” to do. I am new to this and could be doing something wrong, but so far I just can’t get the program to work as advertised. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

First, please make sure that Mail’s junk mail filter is off (Step 8), so that it is not moving any messages to Junk.

The normal SpamSieve setup is designed to filter spam messages in the inbox. If a server junk filter has already caught some of the spam messages and moved them to the Junk mailbox, they are not seen as new messages by Mail and so are not filtered through SpamSieve. They are not SpamSieve mistakes and so should not be trained.

If you don’t want to have messages in your Junk mailbox, you could turn off your server junk filter or configure Mail and SpamSieve to refilter the messages that the server filter had already caught.

Thank you Michael.

I went to https://c-command.com/scripts/spamsieve/apple-mail-server-junk-mailbox and read the instructions. As detailed as they are, I am not sure how to begin. Step 1 says to download the script below. There are several scripts and they all say “false” at the end. I don’t know what that means, but “false” doesn’t sound good. There appears to be code in the next few steps, but I have no idea where it goes. This program appears to be for people who have more computing expertise than I do. I really thought it was as simple as assigning tasks to each email.

I appreciate your help, but I think I will need more remedial instruction.


You can just click the link that says Download in Compiled Format.

In normal use it is. I’m not sure that you even need to use the script. Could you explain what you are trying too accomplish? Are you unhappy with what your server junk filter is doing? Have you tried just turning it off?

I have set up rules in the past to direct email to different folders. That has not worked, which is what led me to your program. I want to direct spam to the spam folder and mail that is not spam to my inbox. It seems no matter how many times I “train” the program, I get the same emails going into the junk mail folder. I have 5 email addresses that I control through mac mail. How would I go about setting up the mac mail to enable spam sieve to work properly?



It really sounds like your mail provider’s server junk filter is the source of all these problems. Have you tried turning it off?

I will try it. Thanks.