Doesn't work invisibly in the background anymore

I’ve been using SpamSieve for years. No issues ever. Now, after installing Sonoma it’s annoying as hell. I work with my Apple Mail app open on a separate screen. I see every message that comes through. EVERY ONE OF THEM. It takes SpamSieve anywhere between 5 and 15 seconds to shuffle spam messages off to the spam folder. Before Sonoma, I never had to see spam emails come in. Is there a setting somewhere that can make this process invisible again?

For most users, SpamSieve works the same way as before, filtering out the spam messages before they get to your inbox. However, the macOS Sonoma update required us to replace SpamSieve’s Mail plug-in with a Mail extension, and there is currently a macOS bug where Mail extensions in some cases don’t work (i.e. Mail doesn’t tell them about new messages that arrive). SpamSieve has a Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension feature that works around that bug, for those affected, by periodically checking the inbox for new messages and filtering them. By default it checks every 30 seconds, which means that on average a spam message will be in the inbox for about 15 seconds before SpamSieve removes it. However, you can set SpamSieve to check more frequently if you prefer.

You can turn off notifications in Mail so that it doesn’t tell you about new messages as soon as they arrive. This is a good idea, anyway, as SpamSieve can notify you only when you receive new good messages.

If the issue is seeing the messages temporarily show up in the Mail window, you could enable the Add green flag to unread good messages option. Then view the Flagged ‣ Green smart mailbox instead of Inbox in Mail, and then you’ll only ever see new messages after they’ve been filtered.

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Thanks for the quick and thorough response. None of those solutions truly addresses my issue though because my mail window being open will continue to show incoming spam. When I go to the dock it’s also showing 1 new message with the red indicator maybe half the time as Apple Mail is showing that new message before SpamSieve recognizes it’s spam and removes it. I get the feeling that Apple kind of screwed you guys on this Sonoma upgrade, especially after reading through the message boards with all of the problems people are having after upgrading.

If you have the window showing messages with green flags, you won’t see any spams.

That’s why I suggested turning off the notifications in Mail; instead you can have SpamSieve show the red indicator on its Dock icon, but only for good messages.

There were some issues (e.g. large inboxes) that we didn’t have time to address before Sonoma shipped, but with 3.0.2 it seems to be working smoothly for just about everyone.

Awesome. Thank you. Great customer service.