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Double click no longer opens external editor in 1.4.10

in the changelog, it said

You can now double-click an embedded file in the viewer or notes to open it in a separate window for viewing

I’m not really understanding this. In 1.4.9 and previous, double clicking a PDF file in EagleFiler would open Preview. Now in 1.4.10, double clicking the same files only opens another EagleFiler viewer window of the same record. How do I get the old behavior back ?


Additional info. I just noticed that doing menu Record->Open with Preview does the same thing, opens the record in another EagleFiler window. Very different behavior than in 1.4.9-

The new feature pertains to RTF files, Word documents, EagleFiler notes, and some other document types. If there’s a file (e.g. an image) embedded in the document, double-clicking it will open the embedded file. Before, double-clicking it did nothing.

This is an unrelated bug (in the OS, I think, but EagleFiler will have to work around it). It’s only appearing on certain Macs, which is why it escaped notice throughout the beta period. Please send me an e-mail, and I’ll get you a pre-release build that tries to fix this.

Thank you, Michael - the new version fixes this problem for PDFs (and for RTFs, which had the same issue.

This issue is fixed in EagleFiler 1.4.11.