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Download Pictures in Entourage 2004

After setting up SpamSieve for Entourage 2004, I find that I now have to click “Download pictures” for many of my e-mails. Obviously, I don’t want to have it automatically download pictures from spam but would like to have it automatically do so for non-spam. Is there a method to do so?

Thank you.

I don’t think this has anything to do with SpamSieve; it’s just the way Entourage 2004 works. There is, however, an option in the preferences to have it download images if the message is from someone in your address book.

Thank you for the quick reply. I also believe that it is part of Entourage but it seems that it now requires the click on “Download pictures” since I turned off Entourage’s junk mail option (as part of the SpamSieve installation). Since most of the e-mails are newsletters that I’d just as soon avoid filling up my address book, can I instead use the Mailing List Manager or will this cause other issues?

Yes, you can use the Mailing List Manager. Please note that the “Do not apply rules to list messages” setting will control whether Entourage uses SpamSieve to filter the mailing list messages.