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Drag to Coda moves the file?

I was just bitten by a strange behavior: I dragged a file from EagleFiler to Coda (to add it to a web site I’m working on) and the file was removed from EagleFiler (EF still thought it was there, but the file was not there anymore, so I got a “Missing File” error the next time I open this library).

Is this a (known) bug?


It’s up to the receiving application (Coda, in this case) to decide what to do with a dragged file. Unfortunately, Coda chooses to move the file. If you hold down the Option key, you can force it to copy instead.

OK, I understand. (And sorry for the double post, I did not see my message when I refreshed the forums a couple minutes ago. If you could delete the duplicate, it’d be great.)