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Dragging in a folder as the root?

My application is in a folder to begin with… ie (Applications/App Folder/Application) and other files and folders in the App Folder.

If I drag the “App Folder” folder to DropDMG, it creates a DMG that contains all the contents of “App Folder”. But the App Folder is gone. How can I force DropDMG to recognize the folder that I’m dropping in to be used as well? And everything be under that folder?

I know I can manually copy the App Folder under another temporary folder, then drag that temporary folder to DropDMG. But I’m trying to eliminate that additional step as the App Folder is quite large.

Are you saying that you want to end up with a .dmg that contains a single folder (App Folder)? Could you explain more about what you’re trying to do—why you want this extra level of folder?

I think you would need to use a temporary folder. If you want to avoid copying, you could temporarily move App Folder, make the .dmg, and then move it back.

That should work. Thanx.
It’s simply a special project. Normally I’d be dragging in an Application as my source.