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Drone Functionality in Airmail

How can drone functionality be added to Airmail?

I’m enjoying the benefits of SpamSieve greatly. However, when my laptop is off, I loose this benefit for my iOS device.

Any chance of getting drone functionality added for Airmail? Is that a SpamSieve effort or Airmail effort?

Thank you…

Support would need to be added to Airmail. However, please note that you can use Apple Mail in the background to run the drone even if you are not using it as your mail client.

So I would just setup the drone function in Apple Mail and leave it running?

Would the folders show up in Airmail and would I be able to move the messages to them in Airmail?




Additional Directions
I still need additional directions to set this thing up. i believe I have all the scripts working properly.

However, the problem that I am running into is where the spam is going.

I have four accounts… Exchange, iCloud, Google, and Comcast. I followed the directions and created a spam folder in each of the accounts. I have TrainGood and TrainSpam in my Exchange account only. (I think I realize the limitations of this… will have to see…)

Well, when the drone script runs, the mail in the TrainSpam folder is moved to the spam folder on Exchange. Excellent, works like its supposed to… However, I can’t see this mail on my Airmail program because it is using some other folder for spam. (I think all of my accounts have a junk folder).

i assume that I need to delete the spam folders on each server and change the mail rules to move spam to the junk folders. Is this correct?

The problem is, when I look for these folders I can’t see them. Help…


There’s only one script needed for the Apple Mail drone.

If you are only training from one account, you don’t need to create those extra Spam mailboxes.

This does not sound like an Apple Mail or script issue at all. The issue is that you don’t see the messages in Airmail. Normally, Airmail would already know which mailbox the Exchange account uses for spam, and so it would show that as its special Spam mailbox. You can adjust this in Airmail’s Accounts > Mapping preferences. It’s not clear to me what changed. Didn’t you see the spam messages in Airmail before? They should still be in the same place now. Or, if the mailbox is called Junk, you could set the pSpamMailboxName in the script to Junk so that it moves the messages there.

No, I don’t think any of that is necessary.

I was following the directions on page 49 of the SpamSieve manual. Actually, i want to train on Airmail and only use Apple Mail to add the drone functionality. I don’t really intend to train with Apple Mail.

So by adding the Spam folder to my Exchange account, I’ve changed where spam is going. Its now going to a spam folder on the Exchange server and not to the previous junk location which AirMail was seeing. I’ve changed the mail rule back to the basic every message goes to junk. I will see how this works.

Simply adding a mailbox wouldn’t cause that. There must have been some other change.

I thought you were using Airmail for the regular spam filtering, and Apple Mail was only for the remote training. If that’s the case, you should not have such a rule in Apple Mail.

Yes, you are correct. The mail rules that I created caused this behavior.

Yes, I am trying to do this but have become very confused in the process.
If I am only using Apple Mail to add remote training, what rules should I have in Apple Mail?

Just the Remote Training rule.

Fixed a problem for me!
I came here with a problem sorta similar and found my problem on the page Micheal linked just above.