Drone Hangup

I have been happily using SS in a drone configuration for years. I took my laptop and IOS devices with me out-of-state for the holidays and everything was fine until Christmas, when I became bombarded with tons of spam. This continued until I returned home and checked the drone computer. It was hung up with a dialog announcing a new version of SpamSieve, waiting for a human response. I had no way to dismiss the dialog remotely, so it was frozen until I returned home to deal with it. Please fix it.

I don’t think the new version announcement was the problem because SpamSieve has never used a dialog for this purpose. The Software Update window shows a sheet so that the rest of the app can continue working even if there is no human response.

It’s possible that the app was hung due to a macOS bug checking automation access. (Sometimes when SpamSieve asks whether it has access to control Mail, macOS hangs the app instead of answering.) SpamSieve 3.0.3 includes a workaround for this bug.

In general, if messages are not being filtered you should check SpamSieve’s Log window to see whether it is doing anything or reporting any errors. You can also check Settings ‣ Apple Mail ‣ Filtering to see whether it’s currently processing a mailbox (or stuck on one). If filtering seems to be stuck or the app is not responding, you can record sample logs from Apple Mail and SpamSieve to see what the cause is.

Thanks for the timely response. I checked the SS logs and everything is consistent with a hung SS. So, my working hypothesis is the MacOS bug you mentioned, and have upgraded to SS 3.0.3. Thanks again.