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Drone Script Problem Moving Mails


I’am setting up a spam filter drone with an hosted exchange account (german locale). Mail version 8.0 on Yosemite, latest SpamSieve.

Mails in the TrainGood or TrainSpam mailbox are recognised but when the drone script tries to move the mail from TrainGood back to the Inbox a mail assertion occurs:

01.11.14 11:29:37,098 _amavisd[25340]: SpamSieve [Apple Mail Remote Training] Checking account: michaz.net
01.11.14 11:29:37,356 Mail[96385]: Stream 0x600000117d60 is sending an event before being opened
01.11.14 11:29:37,442 _amavisd[25341]: SpamSieve [Apple Mail Remote Training] Messages in mailbox “michaz.net” / “TrainSpam”: 0
01.11.14 11:29:37,460 _amavisd[25342]: SpamSieve [Apple Mail Remote Training] Messages in mailbox “michaz.net” / “TrainGood”: 1
01.11.14 11:29:37,477 _amavisd[25343]: SpamSieve [Apple Mail Remote Training] Training message in “michaz.net” / “TrainGood”: next level
01.11.14 11:29:37,515 _amavisd[25344]: SpamSieve [Apple Mail Remote Training] Moving message to “michaz.net” / “Inbox”: next level
01.11.14 11:29:37,518 Mail[96385]: *** Assertion failure in -[MFEWSStore _copyMessagesByID:toStore:settingFlags:newMessages:error:], /SourceCache/Mail/Mail-1990.1/MailFramework/EWS/MFEWSStore.m:337
01.11.14 11:29:37,518 Mail[96385]: An exception occurred during invocation of -[MFLibraryMessage _performBackgroundSetContainer:command:]
01.11.14 11:29:37,518 Mail[96385]: Destination store does not have a folder ID

BTW: Moving spam from TrainSpam to my junk mail folder works perfectly…

Any ideas?


Sorry, but this looks like an internal Mail error of the kind that a lot of people are seeing with Yosemite’s Mail (especially when using Exchange). I think it’s something that Apple will need to fix.