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Drone Set-up Scripts Not Working

I’m really pleased with SpamSieve! But I can’t seem to get the Scripts to work for the drone set -up.

Actually, the drone set-up itself is working well (both computers sharing an IMAP account). Spam is being processed well on both computers. But when mail is placed in either the AddToSpam or the AddToGood folders on the drone computer, and it shows up on the SpamSieve computer, it just sits there without being processed or moved.

I’ve checked and rechecked the scripts. In the Rules pane, I have the AddToGood on top, AddToSpam second, and the SpamSieve rule third. I’ve tried moving the SpamSieve rule to the top, but the scripts still don’t run.

In the Rules pane, I have the If “Any” selected. “Every Message” is selected. And “Run AppleScript” is selected with both Scripts as shown in the tutorial. Only the Script itself is different for each rule.

There’s probably an easy answer here. I’m just not seeing it! Any suggestions?

Have you received any new messages? The drone Mac only checks the training mailboxes when a new message arrives.

Yes, I receive an average of several messages per hour. This has been going on for a period of days. SpamSieve is doing a great job of catching the spam, and both computers are more free of spam than ever before!

The problem is simply the few times we put mail into either AddToSpam or AddToGood, it just sits there. Even though new mail comes in, and SpamSieve does its thing, and spam goes into the Spam folder – it’s a beautiful sight… But the mail in the AddTo folders still just sits there.

I think I may have stumbled on my error. I had saved the scripts as scripts. But now I see that the tutorial clearly instructed to save them as applications. Duh!

So I have made the correction, re-saved them in the appropriate rules, and we’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for your speedy reply, and thanks for a great product!

I don’t think that matters, actually. Have you tried applying the training rules manually to see whether they work? You could also try running the scripts from within Script Editor (remove the “perform_mail_action” lines first) to make sure that they work and to see if an error is reported.

You’re right. I still have the problem.

The scripts work when I apply the rules manually, but only when the emails are selected (otherwise the “apply rules” command is grayed out).

Does this help to clarify the problem?

Thanks for staying with me on this one!

I guess it shows that the rules and scripts work. Do you have “Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes” checked on both Macs?

Yes, it’s checked on both Macs.

Thanks for hanging in with me on this. I know I can just process the “AddTo” folders manually, but I’d like to get this to work properly. I wonder if some corrupted preference files could be the culprit.

Can you add a sound to the training rules so that you can tell whether they’re being applied when new messages arrive?

I set up the sounds, but I do not hear them when new mail comes in.

Here’s another possible wrinkle. I did not set up my Spam folder with the location “On My Mac,” as instructed. (It makes my folders too small.) Instead, I set them up under my IMAP account. Could this be part of the problem?

I don’t know. Please set everything up exactly as shown and get it working before you make changes.

OK, that’s a good suggestion. I’ll give that a try and let you know.

Thanks again for your helpfulness.