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drone setup for Spamsieve

I installed a drone on my apple mail to filter spam from my iphone account. I followed the directions and it was easy, but I don’t see anything happening. I still get spam on my iphone which I move to: “trainspam”, then it seems to sit in my trainspam folder. I’ve got to have something set wrong, otherwise what’s the point of it?

Thanks for the help!


PS- I am kind of dim when it comes to all this coding; web; e-mail settings; etc. etc…so please try to reply like you are talking to your Mom.

A few points that may not have been clear from the instructions:

  1. The drone checks the “Train” mailboxes when new messages arrive in the inbox and are processed by the “Remote Spam Training” rule. So if you aren’t receiving new messages, nothing will happen.
  2. In order for the rule to process the messages, the messages need to be unread. If you mark them as read on the iPhone before the Mac sees them, the rule won’t run.
  3. The rule needs to be at the top of the list—or, at least, not have any other rules above it that interfere.

If Mail is encountering an error, you might be able to see this in the Console application. Find Console in the Applications/Utilities folder and look in the “All Messages” section at the left.

You can also test the remote training scripts by adding these lines at the top:

on run
    my perform_mail_action("")
end run

Then you can run them from within AppleScript Editor, and if there’s a problem it will report an error and tell you which line caused the problem.

First of all, I’m not really technical, so forgive my dumb sounding responses.

I re-ordered the rule structure to what you described. There were indeed several rules above it.

Does my home computer have to be on and my mail account active for this drone to work?

Should this setup automatically remove the spam from my iphone that I am now having to manually move to the “train” folders?

Thanks, I’ll rock along with this setup for a bit and see how it works now.


Yes, the Mac needs to be on and connected to the Internet, Mail needs to be running, and it needs to be set to check for new mail automatically.

Whether or not you’re using the drone setup, if Mail and SpamSieve are running on the Mac they’ll be able to move the spam from the iPhone’s inbox to the Spam mailbox.

Understood. Not being technically minded, I don’t really see the value of the drone…I’m sure it’s there, I just don’t see it.

This is all very tricky and I thank you for your clarifications. Is there any other way to keep spam off an Iphone without keeping my computer/mail turned on year round?

Many thanks, Dave

That’s why the drone is not part of the standard setup. The drone is for situations when you’ll be away from your Mac for extended periods of time and still need to train SpamSieve. You don’t need to bother with the drone if you just want to keep the spam off your iPhone.

If you want to use SpamSieve and your Mac to do it, the Mac would need to be on. It does not necessarily need to run 24/7, though. You can use the Energy Saver pane in System Preferences to make it automatically sleep during certain hours.