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Drone setup - TrainGood and TrainSpam and script

I’ve been using SpamSieve for many years on my Mac but now that I have a Mac mini as a server I am attempting to set it up as an SS mail drone. I installed the script but the TrainGood and TrainSpam folders are not appearing. I added my account name for my email account. I apparently did something wrong on this step. Any advice?

Sorry, I missed the step about creating the Remote Training rule in Apple Mail. It looks like I have it set up properly now.

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You’ll need to follow the rules in Michael’s excellent SpamSieve Manual (version 2.9.43) in Section 4.4 and other linked pages. I had a unique set up for 8 accounts used in Apple Mail with SpamSieve on multiple CPU’s running Big Sur 11.4 and iOS devices.
The “drone” set up instructions worked out great for me finally, although they are somewhat difficult because of the steps involved to set up all my 8-9 Mail accounts set up.
Note that the account set ups are different for the drone and non-drone computers. The iOS devices follow along as non-drone since they use the same IMAP accounts and no special setup, BTW.
I had a bit of a glitch in the actions of the TrainSpam folders because of the setting in his script for the spam or other common name of the Apple Mail accounts, so pay particular attention to those items needing manual setting in the script.
Be sure to TEST the functionality of those special folders you created by seeding them and checking the actions in real time (TrainGood and TrainSpam) in the set up. Once all is set the training on a non-drone computer works very smoothly to the drone computer. I use an M1 MacMini s the drone machine and a laptop MBP2019 and the non-drone CPU. It’s flawless now!
That’s a really good idea that may not be covered there. Michael was a great help with advice, as always. Good luck to all.