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Drone setup

Michael -

I’ve been browsing the forum and have yet to find an answer …

My set up is a MacMini at home that is on all the time. I have a laptop that I use remotely. I’m trying to set up the MacMini as the drone.

I’m not sure I understand the rules and their order to be set up on the drone. Currently, I have:

Remote Training (instructions say to put this at the top)
SpamSieve (this is the usual rule that is also supposed to be at the top)
SpamSieve - Account 1
SpamSieve - Account 2

I have a lot of accounts, but only a few that get a lot of spam. Filing each message to their respective account “TrainSpam” and “TrainGood” folders is pretty laborious - don’t know if I can file those messages into a single account TrainSpam/TrainGood folder, since SpamSieve (I think) is agnostic as to the account that the training is coming from.

I’ve got more questions, but probably better to start one at a time and see if they resolve on their own as we go …

Thanks for any help!


This is the correct order for the drone setup. However, if you’re using the account-specific SpamSieve rules you should probably not also have the regular “SpamSieve” rule.

Yes, it’s OK to have just one pair of TrainSpam/TrainGood mailboxes. Please see the note in Step 3.