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Drone stopped working on AppleMail

Hi there, my Remote Training has stopped working - messages just sit in TrainSpam or TrainGood. The Plug-in is Activated and the Remote Training script is set as the top priority on my server.

I tried moving Remote Training to a standalone app as detailed in the Spamsieve manual, as I thought that might be more reliable than running it within Mail. However, when I try to run as a stand-alone app I get the error message " Can’t get «class prcs» “Mail” of application "Mail”. Mail got an error: Can’t get «class prcs» “Mail”. (-1728)"

I’m not familiar with AppleScript, so I have no clue how to move forward. It seems to have stopped working on 25th July, but I can’t pin that down to any specific updates on my Mac - I am not running any betas on the server, so it’s MacOS 10.15.6, Mail 13.4 (3608. and Spamsieve 2.9.39. I’ve been running SpamSieve for years, so it’s very frustrating for it just to have stopped working. It’s probably something obvious, but I can’t track it down…

The advantage of the standalone app is that it will check the training mailboxes on a schedule rather than only when you receive new messages in your inbox.

In this case, we need to determine whether the problem is that Mail isn’t running the script or that the script is failing with an error. You could try opening the script (no the standalone app) in Script Editor and clicking the Run button. If you do get an error, it should show which line caused the error.

When I try to Run from Script editor, the error message is:

Mail got an error: Can’t get «class prcs» “Mail”.

Does it show which line of the script is reporting that error? My guess is that your macOS installation is damaged.

That’s the entire error message.

When you click OK, which line of the script is the insertion point on?

This is what is shown after I click OK:

It looks like you have an old version of the script. That’s likely not the cause of the problem, but I recommend updating to the latest one and then trying it again.

Updating to the most recent version has fixed the problem - it runs as a script and successfully deals with the Training items, and runs as an app as well. Somehow missed that this had been updated, so will add that to my troubleshooting regime for the future. Thanks very much for your help.

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