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Drone with Multiple Accounts

I have set up SpamSieve on a drone following the instructions in the manual.

The drone is set to scan several IMAP e-mail accounts, including accounts for me and my wife. My wife and I have slightly different spam tolerances (she likes to see promotional ads; I don’t).

My questions:

  1. Is SpamSieve trained on a per-account basis, or do its settings apply across all e-mail accounts? If I mark something as spam in my e-mail account, will a similar e-mail be subsequently treated as spam in her account?

  2. If SpamSieve applies one set of criteria to all accounts, is there a recommended solution to have separately trained instances of SpamSieve?


There’s one set of SpamSieve training data per Mac OS X user account.


You could run SpamSieve in two different Mac OS X user accounts simultaneously via Fast User Switching.