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Dropbox and Metadata


Right now I’m again evaluating EagleFiler vs Yojimbo because I got a portable Mac again and need some way to sync both. Because MobileMe-sync just does not work with large changes (in my case a 900MB-database for Yojimbo) I want to use Dropbox to “sync” my stuff.

It works with Yojimbo because of its singular database which I hate regarding backups (at least now it’s kinda backed up via dropbox). The problem I have right now with Yojimbo is that you can’t change creation/modification dates (or at least I do not find a way to do it), thus the stuff I imported to EagleFiler doesn’t have the right dates.

Eaglefiler can “sync” via iDisk. Unfortunately Apples service is far too slow for my taste. What I read about Dropbox-syncing and disk images (and sparse bundles) isn’t really encouraging. W/out disk images I read that I will loose the metadata attached to the files (like the stuff in extended attributes). But at least it will be backed up in my Time Machine.
What data is that exactly?
I use Eagle Filer more or less exclusively for archiving and tagging web-sites. Is there some meta-data attached or will everything be saved in the files and in the database?

For the benefit of other people reading the forum, this is described here.

Some of that is described in this thread. Archiving Web sites should be fine so long as you don’t use the Bookmark format or labels.

that sounds great :slight_smile: