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Dropbox and Spamsieve

Is there a way to use Dropbox with Spamsieve? I have my main computer and a laptop. It would be great to somehow sync the Spamsieve program so that on both computers, the same emails get tagged as spam and moved to the Spam folder.
I know that the Apple Mail program itself is extremely difficult (or impossible) to sync with Dropbox currently. Thanks for anyone’s insight.


SpamSieve is like Mail in that it expects only one copy of the application to be accessing its files at a given time. You could replace the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/

with an alias or symlink to a folder on Dropbox. However, you would need to be disciplined and:

  1. Only run SpamSieve on one Mac at a time.
  2. Make sure Dropbox has fully synced before SpamSieve launches.
  3. After quitting SpamSieve, make sure Dropbox has fully synced before switching off your Mac.

Personally, I think that this level of synchronization is rarely necessary. Once SpamSieve is well trained, you could manually copy the training data once, and both copies of SpamSieve, though different, are likely to remain at a high accuracy level.

Another option would be to run SpamSieve on the desktop Mac using the drone setup.