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DropDMG 3.5.4

The following was posted on the DropDMG blog:

Version 3.5.4 of DropDMG is now available.

DropDMG makes it easy to create a professional disk image for your app. Disk images pack entire folders or disks into a single compressed file, either for transport across the Internet or simply for backup or archival. They are Apple’s preferred format for distributing Mac software and the only archive format whose contents you can directly access in the Mac Finder—no extraction or third-party software required.

Deliver your Mac app on a .dmg file with a software license agreement, a custom volume icon, and a precise icon layout atop a Retina-optimized background picture. Customers can install simply by dragging and dropping the app onto the convenient Applications folder link. Code-sign your .dmg so that macOS knows it can be trusted after download.

This is a free update for owners of DropDMG 3.0 that includes the following enhancements:

  • macOS 10.14 has new data protection features that require the user to specifically grant applications such as DropDMG access to do certain things. In general, you will want to grant DropDMG Automation access for Finder and possibly Full Disk Access as well. This is further explained in the Security & Privacy Access section of the manual.
  • Added support for Dark Mode on macOS 10.14.
  • Improved the quality of the generated volume icons on macOS 10.14.
  • Improved the following sections of the manual:
  • If the LayouterCheckViewOptions esoteric preference is set, DropDMG now checks and re-applies the icon positions.
  • When creating a disk image with a custom icon or layout (or using the AlwaysUseSlowPath esoteric preference), DropDMG now works around a bug in macOS 10.13 that could prevent icon files from being invisible.
  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.13 that could prevent keyboard input after closing the Help menu.
  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.13.4 that could cause an internal error when locating DropDMG’s data files.
  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.14 that prevented recent destination folders from being saved.
  • Worked around a bug in macOS 10.14 that prevented license agreements from being added to a disk image.
  • Fixed a bug where creating a disk image could fail if DropDMG was given a symlink.
  • Fixed a bug where converting an encrypted disk image to another encrypted format would fail with an authentication error if you were changing the password at the same time.
  • Fixed some drawing glitches with the Activity window on macOS 10.14.

Avast and AVG seem to indicate an infection with InstallCore…


Thanks for letting me know. I imagine that’s some sort of false positive, as the particular file they complain about looks normal to me. In any case, that is an old version of the app, and they don’t indicate any problems with version 3.5.5.