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DropDMG 3 and Automator Action

I’ve been using DropDMG for several months now to automate backing up various folders to Amazon’s S3. The actions in order are:

  1. Ask for Finder Items
  2. Create Disk Image / Archive (with DropDMG)
  3. Add Date or Time to Finder Items
  4. Quit DropDMG
  5. Upload (with Transmit)

Since upgrading to DropDMG 3, after selecting a file or folder, DropDMG doesn’t generate a DMG, and the “add date” step reports not being “supplied with the required data”. I haven’t altered by DropDMG configurations since upgrading.

Any ideas on what I’m missing?

Do you see an error in DropDMG’s log? Do you still have DropDMG 2 installed? What happens if you make a new Automator action with just the first two steps?

Nothing at all appears in the DropDMG log. The app will launch, but it’s like nothing is passed to it and it just reports back to Automator that it finished. The Automator log shows:

  1. Ask for Finder items completed
  2. Conversion from Files/Folders to Files/Folders completed
  3. Create Disk Image/Archive completed
  4. Workflow completed

However, nothing appears in DropDMG and step 3 happens in .062 seconds or less regardless of whether I pick 1 doc or a large folder. These tests are with only “ask for finder items” and “create disk” as the only two steps. Automator works fine with “ask” and Apple’s built-in “create archive.” DropDMG works fine if I just drag a file or folder to DropDMG itself.

I’ve tried reinstalling 3.0 and rebooting with no difference. I do not still have DropDMG 2 installed.

Thanks for the quick reply.

OK, thanks. Please send me an e-mail containing a copy of your Automator workflow.

DropDMG 3.0.1 fixes a bug that could prevent the Automator action from working.