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DropDMG not running in Mojave

DropDMG now hangs for a long time (minutes), then cycles through mounting a volume on the Desktop, unmounting it, mounting it, and so on. I have to force quit.

I rebooted the computer signed up (and installed) the current beta, and rebooted. Still no luck. I can’t create a DMG now.

Any help appreciated.

I’m not sure why it would be hanging. Please record a sample report the next time this happens so that I can investigate further.

The unmounting and remounting happens if DropDMG detects that the Finder didn’t properly save the layout settings. So DropDMG fixes them and tries again. It will only retry 10 times, and it should take a second or two per try, so I would not expect you to need to force quit.

If retrying is not successful, it may help to do a safe boot to make sure no other software is interfering. Otherwise, I would encourage you to let it finish and see what error is reported. It may be only the window position that is not saving properly, in which case it will tell you how to ignore that error.

After posting yesterday I did just let it go on (it probably took 5 minutes), and it finally did generate an error message:

"The mounted disk image window did not have the correct window bounds.
The window should have had bounds {{100, 100}, {580, 377}}, but the bounds were {{0, 0}, {16473, 0}}. This can happen if the Finder did not properly save the window bounds when DropDMG ejected the disk image. Usually you can simply create the disk image again and it will work. Or, can enter this command:

defaults write com.c-command.DropDMG LayouterDoubleCheckWindowSize NO

in Terminal (then restart DropDMG) to tell DropDMG not to check that the Finder saved the proper window bounds. This may be necessary if you are using a Finder haxie such as TotalFinder or XtraFinder that makes it impossible for the Finder window to have the expected size."

I followed the instructions and used Terminal set the LayouterDoubleCheckWindowSize NO. Now I can indeed build a .dmg (I’m using the standard Finder, BTW). It takes longer than I remember (maybe 2 minutes?), but it does work, so all is resolved.

Thanks for your help.

Which part takes a long time? That doesn’t sound normal, so it still might be worth recording a sample.

I didn’t watch the progress display the whole time, but the mounted volume that appears in the Finder during the process is there a long time. I’m make a recording tonight. Where should I email it?

Please click this link to enable some debug logging. After the problem occurs, please save a diagnostic report and send that and the recording to dropdmg@c-command.com.