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Dual Layer DL segment to big to burn

I created a segment backup of 50 GB folder. I ensured I entered 8150 in the box next to “Limit segment to at most”. I then attempt to burn the first segment which is 7.97 GB using Burn Folder/File under the file menu. I get in the burn disc dialog that “The disc has 8152.00 MB available; 8164.3 MB are needed.” I am using 8.5 GB dual layer disc. Is there a setting i missed? I have a Powermac G5 with super drive a pioneer DVR-109

It is normal for a dual-layer disc to have a capacity of 8,152 MB. If you typed “8150”, it should fit. Which version of Mac OS X are you using? It sounds to me like you’re running into an OS bug (which I’ve seen before) where the disk imaging subsystem creates the first segment slightly larger than DropDMG told it to. Entering a smaller number for the segment size should help.

Os x
I am running mac OS X 10.5.7. What size do you recommend I put in instead of 8150

Unfortunately, the effects of the bug are not entirely predictable; it depends on your source folder. I would try 8,130 and adjust from there.