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Duplicate EagleFiler Icons in "Open With" menu


First off, I love eagle filer. I use it daily in my work and it make my life a lot easier. Right now I have one problem, that seems small but niggles at me.

The open with menu seems to have 6 EagleFiler icons, and every time I upgrade the number goes up. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I’ve searched around and cannot seem to find where I can remove the duplicate icons.


Assuming that you’ve searched your hard disk and the trash and you don’t have multiple copies of EagleFiler, try using TinkerTool System to rebuild the Launch Services database.

I was having the same issue as well. I just wanted to report back that Mike’s suggestion does indeed fix the problem. I have Onyx installed and that will also reset the database.


FYI, I have the same problem. It does not occur when I upgrade other applications. I will rebuild the launch services database and see if it re-occurs with the next update.